Here to help

If you work in print or have done in the past and are experiencing financial hardship, we are here to help.

Education & Partnerships

We champion industry initiatives to help attract and retain new talent in the sector.

The Print Futures Awards

Whether you’re currently studying or have just left education we can help.

Eileen's Story

“I loved working at Foyles where I repaired damaged spines and covers on books that had been out on loan to customers.”

Alan's Story

Alan started his four-year apprenticeship learning the art and craft of stereotyping as a 14-year-old in 1937 at E.J. Arnold & Sons in Leeds, an educational publisher and book printer.

We are the only dedicated national charity helping people of all ages in the printing, publishing, packaging and graphic arts sectors, as well as the allied trades. Our welfare and education work supports people throughout the UK.

Who we are

We are proud of our heritage and since 1827 we have been helping people of all ages working in printing, publishing and packaging. Our origins were in welfare, but over the years our work has grown to include education. Our charitable aims include promoting independence, protecting dignity and furthering education.

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Who we help

If you have worked for at least three years in the industry, although not necessarily consecutively or for the same employer, or if you are a dependant of someone who has, you may be eligible for help. If you have a print connection and are experiencing financial hardship, please get in touch to see how we can help.

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How we help

Our aim is to provide relief from the effects of financial hardship, poor health and distress. We do this through financial assistance, signposting to specialist services, and our two sheltered homes. Our education work includes our Print Futures Awards and industry partnerships to attract and retain new talent in the industry.

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people in total we helped across our welfare and education activities in 2018

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