Kemi Alemoru

A contributor to her local newspaper and actively involved in student journalism while studying for a BA English Language and Linguistics at Sheffield University, Kemi’s ambition is to be a magazine editor. She has written for The Tab, had internships at The Guardian and national magazines such as Black Beauty, and is the Features Editor for Forge Press. She thrives on the pressure and energy of a print publishing environment, and the challenges of being part of an editorial team at a national publication. Kemi will use her Award to help fund her Magazine Journalism MA at City University.

Christian Byron

Christian has a BA (Hons) Print Journalism from Nottingham Trent University where he is currently studying for an MSc Marketing (Multidisciplinary) and presents a weekly studio radio programme. He will use his Award to help with living and travel expenses while studying, course materials, and a laptop. A nationally accredited 400m athlete, he competed for the England 4×400 athletics team in 2013 at Cardiff. He has had placements at Aston Villa FC, England Athletics, and the Birmingham Mail. His aim is to work in sports journalism, marketing or public relations, combined with a professional athletics career.

Scott Anderson

Scott has completed a three-year BA (Hons) Journalism at Leeds Beckett University. His interest in sports, news, and politics influenced his choice of degree. He is a keen player and follower of sport, so working as a sports journalist would be a dream come true. Newspapers and print are his strong points, but he is also interested in radio and television or PR for football clubs. He has work experience lined up at Sky Sports News HQ in London. Scott intends to use his Award to fund accreditation from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

Thomas Cert

Thomas has a BA (Hons) Illustration from Middlesex University, where he now works as a printmaking technician. Printing, particularly in lithography, fascinates him. His Award will help fund his place on the Professional Printer Programme at the prestigious Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. Only eight students a year are accepted and they are trained in both stone and plate lithography to produce original artists’ editions. He wants to promote the use of lithography, which he regards as a unique medium, and plans to set up his own press and professional studio in the UK for artists’ editions.

Liam Coleman

While studying for a BA Theology at Nottingham, Liam was elected to the editorial team of his University’s magazine where he worked with a dynamic team of writers with a unique style. That role has led to work experience placements and freelance work for Liam for publications, including the Gloucestershire Gazette, for which he wrote about the World Cup. His special areas of interest are music, travel, sports, and motoring. Once Liam has completed his Magazine Journalism MA at City University, which he will use his Award to fund, he intends pursuing a full-time career in magazine journalism.

Lucy Chapman

Currently studying for a BA Journalism at Leeds Beckett University, Lucy wants to help keep print journalism alive. She feels there is something special about buying a newspaper, because there is more detail in the content, which makes reading articles more memorable. She is interested in political journalism and believes there is disengagement between young people and politicians, which needs to be addressed. To gain experience in her chosen sector, she is taking unpaid placements during the holidays. She will use her Award to fund living and travel expenses while doing so, as well as buying a printer and textbooks.

Kiel Cormack

Kiel began his print career in Perth as an intern with Western Australia’s largest independent print management business and then moved to print buying and account management roles. He relocated to the UK to make the most of the fantastic opportunities to work with web offset litho and web inkjet printers. In London, Kiel works in a print management role at Communisis PLC, producing direct mail campaigns with a range of partners specialising in in-line web print production. Kiel plans to use his Award to pay for colour management courses at the London College of Communication, and speaking and presentation courses.

Sarah Daniel

Sarah has completed the first year of a two-year Graphic and Digital Design HND with distinction at the University of Greenwich. She already has an LLB Honours from the University of East Anglia and has taught English in Vietnam. She now plans a career as a graphic designer and, as well as illustrations using pen and paper, she enjoys artistic projects that require problem solving. In the future, she would like to be a creative director. Sarah likes traditional print techniques and will use her Award to pay for a letterpress course, print workshops, course materials, and a computer.

Conor Crozier

Conor is studying for a BA (Hons) Journalism at Leeds Beckett University. As a student journalist, there is no greater feeling that seeing his words in print and to be paid for that feeling would be a dream come true for him. His goal is to be an investigative journalist at a national newspaper and he is applying for relevant placements in London. He will use his Award to pay for travel and accommodation, as well as a laptop as he is currently dependent on the university’s computers.

Melanie Edwards

Melanie has always loved design and is studying for a BA (Hons) Graphic and Communication Design at Leeds University. Design is what gets her up in the morning and wakes her up at night if she has a good idea. She recently won a pencil in the 2015 D&AD New Blood Awards, giving her the opportunity to apply for the two-week programme at the New Blood Academy in London. Melanie is also applying for London-based placements for her year in industry. As most of these will be unpaid, she will use her Award for living expenses.

Bethany Gault

Since being the News Editor of her student magazine, The Messenger, while studying for a BA History at Queen Mary University, Bethany has wanted to pursue a career in journalism. She loves language, particularly the fact that when it is combined with infographics and pictures, it can become a work of art. Studying for a Magazine Journalism MA at City University has only increased her determination to be a better writer. Bethany will use her Award to buy a new laptop and an Adobe package to practise using InDesign and Photoshop, as well as grammar and writing books.

Cristina Garriga

A trained architect with a degree from the Barcelona School of Architecture, who has completed the MLitt programme at Glasgow School of Art, Cristina set up her social enterprise, My Bookcase, in 2014. My Bookcase grew out of the need Cristina perceived for libraries and bookshops in Glasgow. It is a platform exploring a new library concept, which has developed into an umbrella organisation for a range of activities: exhibitions, talks by writers and artists, and workshops. Cristina wants to expand the enterprise as a publishing platform and will use her Award to pay for the Typeface Design course at Reading University.

Robyn Glendinning

Now entering her fourth year studying for a BA (Hons) Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Robyn has found her forte producing comics, children’s books, zines, and artists’ books. She also enjoys printmaking. She has always wanted to work in the creative industries and feels the UK printing and publishing industries are where she belongs. She will use her Award to help pay for her degree show next summer, as well as any further training she might need for her degree show projects, such as book binding, in which she would like to be more skilled.

Emily Hoyland

Emily has just finished the second year of a BA Journalism at Leeds Beckett University. An avid reader and writer, her strengths lie in feature writing and print journalism. Keen to gain experience in all aspects of the industry, Emily will be using her Award to fund a summer placement in the PR Department at Mazda UK, which will be followed by one with Auto Express magazine. She also volunteers one day a week with Let Leeds Read, a programme set up by Leeds Beckett University and the Students’ Union, helping primary school pupils to develop their literacy skills.

Alex Howell

Alex has a BSc Sport Coaching from Brighton University, but making it to the final three candidates out of 100 for the role of Television Presenter/Broadcast Journalist at Crystal Palace FC has inspired him to work in journalism. He has also had unpaid work experience in the newsroom at The ArgusBrighton’s local newspaper. Alex has been offered a place on the Brighton Journalist Works’ fast-track NCTJ Diploma in Journalism course, which he will start in September. This will help him achieve his goal of becoming a qualified journalist and his Award will pay for course materials.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah is the only hand paper maker of her generation in the UK, producing bespoke papers by commission. After completing a BA Cultural Theory from Leeds University, she worked with paper artist, Silvia Turbiner, and at the El Molino del Manzana Paper Mill in Argentina. Based on her experience in Buenos Aires, she would like to develop a small artistic commercial studio for collaborative work projects and adapt hand paper making to the contemporary environment. Sarah is using her Award to pay for courses at Morley College in decorative paper finishes, sustainable fibres, and ‘green’ methods for pigmenting.

Rebecca King

After gaining a BA English Literature and English Language from Bristol University, Rebecca volunteered at The Alderney Journal in the Channel Islands and was involved in filming for a local television station. She currently has a work placement at Sheengate Publishing House, a publisher of local lifestyle magazines. She has also worked for Zest Media, publisher of the Absolutely magazine brand across London and she is a volunteer for Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Radio Lollipop. Inspired by her experience of television and reporting in the Channel Islands, she will study for a Television Journalism MA at City University.

Corin Kennington

Corin is in the fourth year of a BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication. He is passionate about traditional methods of print and design. Entrepreneurial Corin has set up his own letterpress studio, Type Height. As well as a traditional letterpress service, he offers a bespoke print service using digital technology such as laser cutting to provide a contemporary approach to printing. Corin will use his Award to pay for a five-day course, Letterpress: Physical Typography, at Camberwell College of Arts, and Letterpress and Foil Blocking workshops at the London Centre for Book Arts.

Emmanuella Kwenortey

After graduating with a BA History from Oxford University, Emmanuella secured a job as a graduate trainee at HarperCollins, where her employer describes her as having an eye for the story. She would like to pursue a career in newspaper publishing and printing and believes she would have a positive impact in this field. Emmanuella now intends studying for an MA in journalism, which she will use her Award to help fund. She has already received offers from two of the most prestigious journalism schools in the UK and is in the process of deciding which one to accept.

Isabel Lea

Isabel has completed the second year of a three-year BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Design at the University of Leeds. She is a member of The Naïve Creative, promoting youth art, design, and culture. The process of creating something visual that communicates a message or solves a problem has always fascinated her. During her school holidays, she worked at a graphic design studio in Devon, where she discovered she enjoyed all levels of design. She will use her Award to fund industry placements, one of which is in Copenhagen where she is working for a company printing exhibition manuals.

Amy Lambert

Amy has had a change of career tack since graduating with an LLB (Hons) from Lancaster University in 2007. Graphic design has always appealed. Needing formal training to work in such a competitive industry, she has now completed the Graphic Design course at Shillington College. She particularly enjoys problem solving design-related tasks, such as designing layouts and imagery for intranet pages and brochures. In her spare time, she has taught herself design programmes and developed an interest in surface pattern design and hand lettering. Her ambition is to develop and be known for her own design style.

Annalise Lewis

Since graduating five years ago with a degree in Fine Art from Loughborough University, Annalise has been gaining practical experience to fulfill her ambition of working in graphic design. She has worked as a design account executive at a design agency, interned at a colour trend forecasting agency, and volunteered at Cassone Art and Art Books Review. She is also studying to be a practitioner in colour psychology and a colour consultant. Now studying graphic design at Shillington, the Award will help Annalise pay for living costs and finding a position in a design studio in Manchester.

Elena Mourdjis

Elena’s creative path began at the London College of Communication studying for a Foundation Diploma in Design, graduating with distinction. She then moved on to the highly conceptual BA Design course at Goldsmiths. After graduating, she worked at start-up, Technology Will Save Us, as an educational videographer producing promotional videos. She is committed to a career in graphic design and is enrolled on Shillington College’s Graphic Design course. Branding and publishing are the two areas she is particularly interested in. Elena will use her Award to help fund her course and pay for course materials and printing her portfolio.

Lisa Matzi

Lisa will use her Award to fund internships in publishing and book design once she has completed her BA (Hons) Design for Graphic Communication from the London College of Communication. Originally from Austria, she has a Diploma in Graphic and Communication Design from Die Graphische in Vienna. She also loves writing and her self-published book about her family has won four awards, including a Silver Medal for Best Book Design from all over the World. She is in negotiations with an independent publisher to produce a second edition. Her ambition is to have her own studio and work in book design.

Rowan Powell

With a BA Graphic Design from Brighton University, Rowan is now completing her Art and Politics MA at Goldsmiths, while working as a junior graphic designer and reprographics trainee in litho and digital printing at the design cooperative, Calverts. Her interest in the social dimension of design and print led her to co-found STRIKE, a politically thoughtful newspaper, which is stocked across the UK. Already proficient in InDesign and Illustrator, Rowan will use her Award to pay for Adobe Photoshop training courses exploring colour correction and separation.

Charlotte Ross

Wanting to write since a child and working on the student newspaper, Redbrick, at Birmingham University, while studying for a BA Political Science, inspired Charlotte to pursue a career in print journalism. She believes the tangible product in the form of printed magazines is still important. During her gap year, she has had internships at The GuardianThe TimesThe Independent, and Empire Magazine. She is particularly interested in writing about current events, art, and films and would also like to learn more about production and photography. Her Award will help fund her Magazine Journalism MA at City University.

Helen Rabbitte

The way design can evoke emotion and convey powerful concepts without the use of the written word inspires Helen. She believes making a living should be enjoyable and working with other like-minded creatives in a studio sounds like the perfect career to her. She has a BA (Hons) Graphic Arts from Liverpool University and has completed the Graphic Design course at Shillington College. Originally interested in illustration, the course has introduced her to packaging and the amazing print for high-end brands. Her Award will fund materials for and printing of her portfolio to help her gain internships in London.

Jennicka Sapigao

Before her family moved to the UK, Jennicka undertook modules in Fine Arts in the Philippines. She is now studying for a BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Media at the London College of Communication. Jennicka is interested in the interlinking use of traditional with digital techniques, which is widely seen in the printing and publishing sectors. Design in print is one of her special interests. During her year in industry, which her Award will help fund, she wants to develop her love of pattern using different printing techniques and applying patterns to surfaces such as fabrics, stationery, and wallpaper.

Diana Tulkina

With a passion for visual arts and a BA (Hons) Photography from Nottingham Trent University, Diana sees her future in publishing and art direction in the magazine sector. To help her realise her ambition, she will study graphic design at Shillington College part-time, while working full-time to pay the course fees. She will use her Award to buy materials for her course and portfolio, and a computer and creative suite so that she can produce work outside college hours. In a year’s time, she would like to be working in London as a junior designer and long-term as an art director.

Lia Sher-Gill

With a BA (Hons) History of Art from Warwick University, Lia currently works at the Natural History Museum in London.  She has also had internships at Tate Modern and the Mall Galleries. Her dream job is to be surrounded by books and she is studying graphic design full-time at Shillington College. The course has also introduced her to branding and the concept of packaging visually communicating a story, while being technically sophisticated from an engineering perspective. Lia will use her Award to buy the InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop programmes to develop her practical skills and produce her portfolio.

Natasha Turner

Natasha has a BA (Hons) Philosophy and English Literature from Birmingham University and her Award will help fund placements during her Magazine Journalism MA at City University. She has pursued a career in journalism since shadowing a journalist specialising in public health and immigration. Since then she has had eight years of increasingly high-level journalism experience. She was an intern at Ms. Magazine in LA and has freelanced for publications including the New Statesman, the New Internationalist, Social Media Week, the F Word, and the Huffington Post blog. She would like to be the editor of a socio-political magazine.

Samuel Walter

After completing a BA Creative Advertising (1st Class) from Leeds College of Arts, Samuel worked on placements at a number of television production companies and for a project pitching academics’ work as ideas for programmes to television companies. This allowed him to use his skills producing graphics for events, websites, and videos. His interest is communication through design and he has been studying the fundamentals of design at Shillington College in Manchester. Samuel is looking for a role as a junior designer at a graphic design agency and will use his Award to help make the transition to employment.

Elizabeth Underhill

After completing a BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, Elizabeth has been working compressed hours to give her time to make her own frames and prints. She has also built an exposure unit and print workshop in her cellar. Having completed a short course in graphic design at Central Saint Martins, she will use her Award to help pay for the Graphic Design course at Shillington College, which she starts in September. She chose this course because of its focus on equipping students with the necessary skills to work in a highly competitive market.

Sherrie-Leigh Webb

Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2012 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking, Sherrie-Leigh has based her business producing limited edition prints at North Star Studio in Brighton, where she also promotes printmaking locally. Her current body of work uses cellulose thinners transfer printing, where she creates original collages that she then photocopies to transfer to produce a photo etching style effect. She is relocating to Newcastle Upon Tyne where she hopes to join a new studio and will use her Award to pay for studio membership, a photo etching course, and a computer.

Victoria Willmott

Since graduating three years ago with a BA (Hons) Illustration from the Camberwell College of Arts, Victoria has been developing children’s events for The House of Fairy Tales, as well as undertaking community arts project and volunteering. She believes printing, graphics, and publishing are at the forefront of engaging people with the arts. Victoria will now study for a Multi-disciplinary Printmaking MA at the University of the West of England, which her Award will help fund. She has chosen this course because it provides an opportunity to explore a diverse mix of traditional and emerging fine art printmaking media.

Charlotte Whistlecroft

Charlotte is the President of the nationally renowned sketch comedy troupe, the Durham Revue, and was a student journalist for Durham University’s newspaper. During university holidays she has gained work experience at CBBC Newsround and local magazines. She will be returning for a second year to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With a BA Theology from Durham University, she now wants to pursue a career in magazine journalism. She feels that there is so much more personality in printed magazines. Charlotte will use her Award to fund her Magazine Journalism MA at City University.

Karl Yeboah

Time spent at the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, as well as studying creative media at secondary school convinced Karl that his future lies in graphic design. He describes himself as having a real passion for design and the drive to succeed in his chosen field. He is currently studying for a BA Graphic Design at De Montfort University in Leicester. As a student it is difficult funding equipment and course materials, so Karl will be using his Award to buy a new computer to enable him to produce high quality graphic designs.