Every year we like to showcase talent in our sector by opening the design of our card to a Rising Star, and for 2021, the task was taken on by Folake Fadojutimi

For Folake, designing this year’s card allowed us to see just how talented she is. “The theme for the Christmas card was geometrical style, something I had never tried before and was quite new to. I took this on as a challenge and a great learning experience, creating animals in a simplified geometric shape, emulating origami paper, and as a result a wholesome family of penguins was born. As Christmas is a time where families come together and enjoy each other’s company, I wanted to portray that same feeling of warmth in this year’s theme, and I couldn’t be happier with the overall outcome.”

Folake received the Postgraduate Bursary from The Stationers’ Foundation this year, funded by the Charity, allowing her to complete an MA in Digital Media at Goldsmiths University and further her skills in this field. 

“The support of The Stationer’s Foundation has allowed me to fully engage in my Digital Media MA course,” explains Fola. “A course that focuses on the ever-changing digital environment and encourages existential questioning of the digital world. In more practical terms, I’m currently exploring animation and digital illustration, growing my skill set and capabilities on the course.”

Thanks must also go to Precision Proco for their involvement with production and fulfilment of this year’s card.