About us

A black and white photograph of staff and residents at Almshouse

The Printing Charity was set up in 1827 to help aged, infirm, and distressed printers and their widows when there was no state support.

In response to changes in the printing industry and society since then, we have made the transition from a benevolent society to a charity using best practice adopted from the commercial sector.

To meet the needs of those we support and the sector we represent we have a dual focus: to provide financial and practical assistance to people working in the sector, and to encourage the future talent necessary to secure its future.  We do this through our ‘Welfare & Wellbeing’ and ‘Education & Partnerships’ programmes.

Welfare & Wellbeing:

  • We help people to remain independent through one-off grants for essential items, regular financial help of up to £35 per week for those needing more support, and signposting to expert services for debt, wellbeing, and benefit support.
  • We run two sheltered housing schemes, Beaverbrook House in Bletchley and Southwood Court in Basildon, for people who have retired from printing and publishing.
  • We regularly review our range of grants and services to ensure they are tailored to our grantees’ individual needs. Our Welfare & Wellbeing Officers are here to provide guidance and support through telephone and email contact.

Education & Partnerships:

  • Our education and partnership initiatives aim to support young people joining the sector as well as those progressing within it.
  • We do this by actively working with the industry to promote the sector as an attractive career choice. Our flagship Print Futures programme includes our training and development grants, as well as our annual Print Futures Awards which celebrate new and future talent.
  • We also work with employers running recognised apprenticeships to support apprentices in the industry.