We caught up with Ayden, Print Futures Awards winner, to see how he is getting on and ask his views on the benefits of apprenticeships.

What have you been up to since winning a Print Future Award?

Since I won my Award, I have almost completed my NVQ Level 3 in Business. After I finish this, I will be moving on to a NVQ Level 4 in Project Management.

How did your Award help you in furthering your career?

My Award has helped my progress in my career because, with my grant, I chose to do a Diploma in Microsoft Excel, a Diploma in Leadership in Management and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. The Excel diploma, in particular, helped me because a lot of the work I do is in Excel and it has given me a better understanding of it and the functions that are available.

How do you feel your apprenticeship is going?

I feel my apprenticeship is going really well. I am enjoying it and looking forward to moving on to the project management qualification.

Why would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to others?

I would recommend doing an apprenticeship to anybody, especially younger people. It allows you to gain experience in a working environment whilst earning a salary but it also allows you to carry on gaining qualifications and skills.