Grants guidance

Regular Financial Assistance

For those on a very low income, regular financial assistance (RFA) is paid twice a year. It is calculated at £35 per week and paid in March and September. The money can be used for any purpose.

Existing beneficiaries are sent a reassessment form approximately 3 months before payment is due to be made and are advised what documentation is required in support of their claim. We will enhance this by keeping in contact with our beneficiaries (say quarterly) and encouraging them to keep hold of documents such as DWP correspondence.

Top up Fees

  • Nursing Home Top Up Fees
    •  Up to £96 per week
  • Residential Care Home Top Up Fees
    • Up to £72 per week
  • Care Package Top Up Fees (sheltered housing)
    • Up to £96 per week*
  • Care Package Top Up Fees (own home)
    • Up to £96 per week*

*depending on level of care

One – off grants

The Charity will consider one-off grants for those who meet our criteria.  The types of grants available are detailed below together with the maximum amount that we will award.  This figure is for internal use only and is not something that we publish:

General Purpose

  • Up to £960


  • Up to £630 (couple)
  • Up to £396 (single)
  • Up to £258 (children aged 2 to 15)

Home Adaptation

  • Up to £1,320

Mobility Support

  • Up to £1320

Bereavement Allowance

  • Up to £2400

Winter weather grants

  • £90 payable to those in receipt of RFA during periods of prolonged cold weather

Education & Training

  • Training grants  –  Up to £900
  • Employment Support   –  Tbc

Well Being   – Up to £960

  • Mental health
  • Community inclusion
  • Therapies