Jon Wright and Steve Sibbald were unanimously elected our Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively for a third term at our Annual General Meeting held on 10 June at Southwood Court, Basildon, our sheltered home for people who have retired from the printing industry.

Jon Wright joined the Charity as a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer in 2004, becoming Chairman of our Investment Committee in 2007. A qualified accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, he started at the Financial Times in 1974 and worked his way up to Acting Finance Director. Since 2003, he has been the Finance Director of Pearson Global Real Estate.

Steve Sibbald joined the printing industry in 1971 as an apprentice hot metal compositor, was appointed FOC at the age of 24 and became a full-time Unite official the following year. He was a National, Regional and Branch Official of Unite, the GMPU and NGA for a total of 33 years, as well as having roles within Uni-Network International. A member of our Council since 2005, he also leads our East Anglia Committee.

Stephen Gilbert, our Chief Executive, says: “The Charity is fortunate to have a very dedicated Council of Trustees led by Jon and Steve for a third term working with us to achieve our goal of helping more people year-on-year.”