Paul is retired from the print industry and was referred to us by the charity Turn2Us. After hitting a rough patch financially, we have helped him gain his independence. 

Paul chose a mobility scooter to allow him to go to the doctor, optician, collect his prescriptions from the chemist, and shop for food without having to rely on his neighbours to help him.

“I’m absolutely thrilled you’re helping me to buy a mobility scooter,” enthuses Paul. “I’ll be able to retain my independence one hundred percent. In fact, as I’m no longer able to drive, I’d go as far as to say it will transform my life.” 

Paul worked in print for 25 years, starting in a temporary role and ending up as a print finishing supervisor for a company based at Leicester University, printing documents, degrees, and exam papers. 

“It’s been such a refreshing change for someone to lend me a helping hand, not only with the scooter, but also with other things including everyday essentials,” he says. “You’ve been great the way you’ve helped me and I’d definitely recommend you to other people finding things tough.”

If you or someone you know may be in need of practical and emotional support, call our team on 01293 542820 or email