All change in 2016

What an eventful start to the year it has been. It’s only the beginning of spring and already there’ve been massive changes. At the top of these changes have been farewells to two influential figures, who helped me on my career path. The first you may have heard of, the other may have slipped under […]

Retracting my educational roots

How time flies. Barely have we said goodbye to 2015 than 2016 is already taking us all with its vice-like grip. As many of you will be aware, 2015 was a whirlwind for me personally, having just about settled in as an intern here at The Yorkshire Post at the tail end of 2014. I […]

Ismail Mulla – Yorkshire Post

The past 13 months have been a whirlwind for me and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of The Printing Charity. To reflect on my time here at The Yorkshire Post I thought I’d run through some numbers. In numbers Over the past 13 months I have visited several great towns and cities in this […]

Soaring as a legal eagle

One of the things that I have heavily been involved in at The Yorkshire Post is dealing with stories about the legal sector. I have been guided ably by the deputy business editor, Greg Wright, who knows the main movers and shakers in law in Yorkshire. It’s been exciting times covering “Legal Matters” as it’s […]

Ismail Mulla – Yorkshire Post

What a whirlwind few months it has been. I always use the analogy “baptism of fire” and the heat has certainly been turned up over the past three months or so. We’ve had a few absences from the business team and that has meant a whole flurry of extra responsibilities coming my way. But once […]