187th Annual General Meeting at Beaverbrook House

 The Mayor of Milton Keynes was the guest of honour at our 187th AGM

Councillor Subhan Shafiq, the recently elected Mayor of Milton Keynes, was the guest of honour at our 187th Annual General Meeting held on 24 June at Beaverbrook House, Bletchley.

Over 50 people, including staff, trustees, members, and our President, Lord Black of Brentwood, Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group, attended the event at our sheltered home for retired printers.

Councillor Subhan Shafiq said: “I’m very impressed with the vast range of people the charity helps, not just printers and their families but also those in sectors allied to the printing industry, such as warehousing of printed materials. It’s amazing that the charity has existed since 1827 and the way it is networking with other charities and organisations to reach more people in need is also very impressive.”

At the event, Jon Wright, our Chairman, gave an overview of our activities in the past year, reporting that it had been a busy year and that the number of financial grants given to help people in need had increased by 20 per cent.




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