A walk through history with The Printing Charity

We marked the 150th anniversary of the granting of our first Royal Charter with a reception held at St Bride Foundation on 12 May 2015. The event’s theme was looking to the future, building on the past.

Guests were taken on a walk through history with scenes presented by professional actors in ten of the Foundation’s rooms. The history snapshots included the charity’s founding in 1827 at the Kings Head Tavern, Poultry; a Festival dinner with a reading of an extract from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”; the signing of our first Royal Charter by Queen Victoria; the London Blitz; and the 1980s’ Wapping dispute.

An Adana Printing Press was set up at the reception so guests could print their own pledge of support for The Printing Charity whether it be encouraging people they know needing financial support to contact the charity, fundraising ideas or cash donations.

Jon Wright, our Chairman, explained: “Our Royal Charter sets out why we exist, what we can do, and the people we can help. Since our first Royal Charter, we’ve been granted a Supplemental Charter in 1972 and a second Royal Charter in 2014 enabling us to help more people, including young people who intend working in the industry.”

Stephen Gilbert, our Chief Executive, said: “We’re not going to disappear because we know there are people out there who need our help as much as they did in 1865 when our first Royal Charter was granted.”


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