BPIF launch new COVID-Secure Road map

8 practical steps to help your business take into account the journey to being Covid-secure

BPIF have launched a ‘COVID-Secure Road Map’ in a drive to ensure businesses work towards being Covid-Secure. The BPIF set out the steps to take to ensure a safe transition from lockdown, highlighting the key points, guidance and latest legislation to consider as our industry moves towards 100% reopening with the pandemic receding.

There has been a wealth of detailed Government-issued guidance, and the BPIF Roadmap clarifies and simplifies the advice into 8 practical steps, helping businesses take into account all new requirements to create a trusted and compliant environment. The BPIF COVID-Secure Road Map takes you through eight steps of the journey in a clear and easy to follow manner, with additional elements within each step – suitable guidance and templates are listed within each step, along with our recommended actions to be taken.

All members of the BPIF have been encouraged to conduct their own review of their business, working closely with a cross-section of employees, devising a plan to make necessary business changes which will bring confidence to all employees.

The BPIF H&S team  will be setting up virtual bookings shortly, but in the meantime if you require any immediate consultation please email coronahelp@bpif.org.uk

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