Five ways to benefit from a portfolio of courses

Did you know that you can use a Rising Star Award to fund more than one course? The £1500 can be used for a combination of courses to support rounded development of complementary skills. Investing in a training course portfolio can be a great way to acquire new skills, expand your knowledge and stay ahead in your field by building multiple skills and capabilities.

A portfolio of courses can:

Diversify your skill set

Rather than focusing solely on one area, explore courses that cover a range of topics relevant to your interests which could help you reach your goals more efficiently.

Gain complementary knowledge

Whether it’s a leadership and management course or enhancing your personal skills such as confidence and resilience, targeted courses can provide valuable insights and practical techniques that clearly complement one another. As an example of the possible breadth of courses that can be combined, 2023 winner Matthew Stevenson (Technical Manager, Amberley Labels) used his funding for three courses that built a suite of skills together: a CMI certificate in Management and Leadership; Finance For Non Finance Managers; and the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce Training Course.

Networking opportunities

Networking can lead to valuable professional connections and opportunities for collaboration in the future. By studying a variety of courses, you’ll meet a variety of people with a variety of perspectives and expertise who’ll expand your network and create a more diverse and varied group with whom you can exchange ideas, collaborate, and build relationships.

Earn a set of certifications and credentials

Many online courses offer certifications or credentials upon completion, which can enhance your CV and demonstrate your expertise. Consider pursuing courses that offer recognised certifications in your field, such as project management, confidence training, or digital marketing. These credentials can boost your credibility, develop your personal skills and open doors to new career opportunities.

Create a personalised learning path

What are your long-term goals and aspirations? A portfolio of courses can create a personalised learning path that outlines the skills you want to acquire and the milestones you aim to achieve along the way.

Applicants for the Rising Star Awards are encouraged to speak to their manager, HR team, or mentor about their career ambitions and the skills gaps they need to bridge in order to achieve them, before they apply. This support helps produce the best applications, which can demonstrate how the courses applied for will clearly help deliver the applicant’s goals.

2024 Rising Star Award applications are now closed.

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