Gerald’s story

As part of Men’s Health Week, we are putting a spotlight on how health problems can result in a change in circumstances, and how The Printing Charity can help when and if this happens. 

It can be tough for men to ask for help but if you don’t ask when you need it, things generally only get worse. There are times when life can often be full of stress. In fact, ‘Midlife Crisis’ is the most visited mental health page on Men’s Health Forum and other searches on the website show it’s clear we’re all looking to better manage stress and the impact on our health. 

The Printing Charity’s helpline can help with advice on beating stress and tackling the niggling hassles, frustrations and angers we all feel before they become something more serious. With one in four people experiencing some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, it’s vital we find strength in talking and reach out for the help we need.

“The way we feel between our ears is key to both mental wellbeing and physical health too. Mental health problems are increasingly common. In the UK, 12 men take their own lives everyday and, after years of falling, the suicide rate has increased as the economy has struggled.”

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Gerald’s Story 

Gerald was devastated when the business he’d built up faced bankruptcy, but The Printing Charity were there to help him turn his life back around. 

A gifted artist, Gerald studied at Watford School of Art, now West Herts College of Art and Design, where he then worked as a technician and part-time lecturer for a year before becoming a freelancer producing finished artwork for advertising agencies and printing companies.

Wanting to be more in control of the artwork he produced, he set up his own studio where he installed phototypesetting, which was groundbreaking at the time. The business grew and, at its peak, employed 17 staff and had an impressive client base of blue-chip companies in London.

However, the pressure of running the business gradually affected Gerald’s health and personal life more and more. The ensuing bankruptcy left him devastated and he has since been on a long, hard journey to turn his life around.

“The charity initially helped me with a one-off grant to buy white goods. That was a real boost and showed me that the world is a much better place than I thought it was. I’m no longer broken and the charity’s ongoing help has been invaluable.”

If you are a business owner in the print sector, our free, confidential helpline service for SMEs gives staff access to the type of employee assistance bigger organisations provide.

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