Gerry’s story

As part of Men’s Health Week, we are putting a spotlight on how health problems can result in a change in circumstances, and how The Printing Charity can help when and if this happens. 

Our health and wellbeing is central to our happiness, and affect every aspect of our lives, from work and career, to home and personal relationships. When something goes wrong with our health, the impact on our capacity to work and earn a livelihood can be very significant. For some men, asking for help can be daunting and acknowledging health symptoms is not something they are particularly comfortable with.

“Fear surrounding the potential loss of masculinity may result in a façade of control and stoicism, instead of honesty about reporting symptoms and accepting interventions.” 

Key Data: Understanding of Health and Access to Services, Men’s Health Forum


Gerry’s Story

Gerry loved working in the print industry and built a career as the manager of a printing company. When his career was brought to a halt by health problems, The Printing Charity was there to help with some of the difficulties this brought about.

As a young man, Gerry studied at Eastbourne College of Arts, specialising in silk-screen printing. His first job after graduating was as a sign-writer before going to the printing company where he managed 30 staff, dealing with print from concept to product. Whilst a significant amount of responsibility came with the job, it was one Gerry loved and he particularly enjoyed supporting new staff, including his wife whom he trained to be a printer.

When Gerry had to stop working due to issues with his health, he had financial problems. An adviser at Citizen’s Advice told him about The Printing Charity and started the ball rolling with Gerald’s application. This led to the charity helping Gerald and his wife with regular financial assistance and the money has made a huge difference to their lives. 

“We don’t know how we’d manage otherwise. We’re both unwell and have to keep our home warm in the winter so this support helps to pay for our heating at that time of the year.”

This ongoing support has enabled Gerry to manage after leaving his job and livelihood behind, meaning he can look after his health and that of his wife, without the worry of enduring financial hardship.

“The charity’s staff are fantastic to deal with. If they help people the way they’ve helped us, it can only be a good thing.”

If you, or anyone you know, works in the print sector and needs help navigating life’s challenges, we’re here to help.

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