“The charity are lifesavers.”

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Find out how financial support from The Printing Charity helped Paul recuperate from major surgery when his company unexpectedly closed.

“I had a blackout when I was walking in the forest with my dog”, Paul recalls. “I had no idea what had happened.” This incident was the beginning of a period of ill-health for Paul, as he underwent surgery and subsequent recuperation, for issues with his heart over an 18-month period.

Paul began his print career in the North East of England at the age of 18 as an apprentice, and subsequently worked in a variety of print roles, retraining as an adult apprentice to become a print operator, a role he very much enjoyed. As worries about his financial situation became more pressing, Paul’s colleague spoke to him about support available from The Printing Charity. He thought: “I’m earning good money and I wouldn’t be the sort of person the charity would want to help. But my colleague explained that if I ended up without sick pay, I would be in that situation. He gave examples of others who had been supported by the charity, and I was very grateful to know that the option to contact the charity would be there if I needed it.”

When life takes an unexpected turn

It turned out to be wise advice, as while back in hospital for further treatment, Paul learnt that his employer had unexpectedly closed. With no income or sick pay available as a result, Paul took the decision to contact the charity.

“The charity are lifesavers. That day I spoke to a member of the team, who was wonderful, kind and caring,” he said. “She listened and said that she was sure that the charity would be able to help.”

“Once I’d filled in the forms she sent, I received a grant very quickly. Following that initial grant I received further financial support for a year and a half, which has meant that I do not have to worry while I regain my health and strength.”

Paul believes the Printing Charity’s support has played a key role in helping him to get back onto his feet. “I like to be doing things, so I set myself little targets every day to have a sense of achievement, and that’s worked really well for me. I’ve been given a second go and I want to grab it with both hands.”

It starts with a conversation

His advice to anyone thinking about contacting the charity is clear. “There will be other people in my situation, worrying about how they are going to pay for something, not knowing where to turn. When I said to my colleague that I didn’t think I would be someone that the charity would be able to help, he said to me, if you phone up and explain your situation, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s worth asking the question. The Printing Charity team are friendly, caring and supportive, really easy to talk to, and I would like anyone struggling with something to speak to them in order to find out how they might be able to help.”

It starts with a conversation. Please get in touch: support@theprintingcharity.org.uk or call 01293 542 820.

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