How personal skills training accelerates career progression

As the world of work changes, businesses are demanding improved personal skills from their employees. Here we learn about how these ‘soft’ skills, like resilience, communication and collaboration, are key to career advancement, and how the Rising Star Awards can help you develop them. 

Alison JacksonBusiness are looking out for personal skills

Alison Jackson, HR Director at Paragon, found that irrespective of roles, the personal skills that an individual has, or has the potential to develop, is critical to their success.

“The soft skills that we place the most importance on are communication and interpersonal skills, team working, and flexibility. We are also finding that demonstrating a positive mindset is increasingly important for those new to the world of work. These are essential skills that help facilitate more harmonious working, and help build an environment where team members are willing to openly share views, opinions and ideas.”

Developing these skills within the business has directly influenced Paragon’s agility, especially during  the peak of the pandemic, as Alison explains; “Adapting our processes, ways of working and approach, allowed our business to pivot at short notice. We were able to continue delivering for our customers, which without a flexible workforce, would never have happened.”

Hayley WalkerRising Stars Awards application is a great place to start

The process of putting together a Rising Star application can help decide the appropriate personal skills training to meet your desired career goals. 

This is especially true for 2022 Rising Star Hayley Walker, Area Sales Manager at Amberley Labels, who added; “The application process was incredibly helpful. It inspired me to sit down and talk to my manager, so together we could come up with a plan about where I was going to go in the future.” 

Our Rising Star Awards are now open for applications. Young people working in print, paper, publishing, packaging, and graphics have the chance to apply for funding of up to £1,500 to help them shine in their career. To find out more about the awards, visit the Rising Star pages on our website. 

Learn more about how the Rising Star Awards could make you shine in your career, visit our Rising Star info pages

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