How to choose a home for your retirement 

Considering the move to a retirement scheme is a big decision, and there are various factors to think about. Whether you are helping someone you love, or considering it for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask that can help guide the decision-making process.

What do you want from retirement?

It’s always a good idea to start with a vision of your retirement, before looking for vacancies. This will provide you with a list of desired criteria that can help you make the right decision. Ask yourself questions such as: Do I want to be part of a community? Is it important to have access to a garden? Do I need to be near public transport, or family? What activities would I like to start or keep doing?

Consider your needs

Retirement schemes offer a range of available support, so it’s important to find somewhere that meets your needs. Both The Printing Charity homes are for independent living, which means you must be able to look after yourself safely. To offer complete peace of mind, support is available from the on-site team, and there’s an out of hours community alarm service too.

What can you afford?

There are costs associated with moving into a retirement scheme. You can buy a retirement property, or rent, but there are likely to be service charges. It’s vital that you understand the costs, and what you can afford while ensuring there’s enough left over for your expenses. As a member of the Almshouse Association, the costs of our retirement apartments are subsidised, meaning it can be an affordable option for those of reduced financial means. Find out more about our eligibility criteria.

Book a visit

When you have found a home that meets your needs, don’t just go by the brochure, book a tour to get a feel for the place. The staff will know it inside out, and will be able to paint a picture of what life is like there. We’ve put together some information from both our Homes Managers, Chris at Beaverbrook House, and Jeanette at Southwood Court, to help prospective residents understand what to expect before their visit.

Speak to residents

When on a tour of any prospective retirement scheme, make sure you get a chance to speak to residents. They will be able to tell you first-hand about their experience of living in the home, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Moving to a retirement scheme can be daunting, but it can also be a great opportunity to meet friends and have new experiences. Find out about their activities and events schedule: you may just find a brand new hobby. Bob, one of our residents at Beaverbrook House likes being a part of the print community again, and Rose, a resident at Southwood Court, loves taking part in the Breakfast Club and spending time in the garden.

We have vacancies at Southwood Court in Basildon, Essex and Beaverbrook House in Bletchley near Milton Keynes. To arrange to look around or discuss your circumstances, please contact our friendly team on 01293 542820 or email

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