“I’m very happy living here at Southwood”

One of Pete’s aunts had lived at Southwood Court so he already knew about our Sheltered Homes when a friend suggested it would be an ideal place for him to live.


Pete enjoyed working so much he didn’t retire until he was 68. Having spent almost his entire working life in the motor trade, he was surprised to find that his experience working in a small London print company in the early days of his career made him eligible as a resident.     

“I was made very welcome when I got in touch about moving in after my wife very sadly passed away,” he says. “It was Easter time and I was invited for tea and hot cross buns to meet some of the residents, which was a lovely icebreaker. I’m happy living here and have very good neighbours.” 

He’s determined to remain independent but likes knowing that there is support in the background if it’s ever needed.

A very sociable person, he likes to keep busy and helps other residents with their shopping. He has a vast circle of very supportive friends locally, too, and keeps in touch with many of his former work colleagues.  

If you’ve worked in our sector or have an immediate connection to it and you’re looking for a new retirement home, contact us today to find out more. You’ll need to be over 60 and live independently. 

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