Podcast: Talking mental health in the workplace

Opening conversation around the subject of mental health and wellbeing is really important which is why we’re delighted that our Relationship Manager, Nicola Peacock, recently featured on Inkspire, the podcast for printers created by Tharsten. Nicola joined host Ross Edwards alongside Vicky Penketh, NHS Clinical Psychologist, for an insightful discussion into mental health in the workplace.

The episode is full of insight and advice for anyone working in the industry, and discusses how simple concepts such as active listening, can have massive benefits to people’s wellbeing. 

For instance, Vicky commented; ‘If you’re going to ask if someone is okay, make sure you have the time to sit and listen. Sometimes we have a culture that wants to try and fix and wants to try and make it better, but most of the time people just want us to listen. This enables the person who is the talker to process and make sense which is hugely valale for our wellbeing, so just by actively listening, that’s often enough and can be really powerful.’

You can listen to the full conversation here, and if you want to find out how you can better support your employees contact us on helpline@theprintingcharity.org.uk or call 01293 542820. 

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