Rising Star, Alexandra Lunn

Alexandra Lunn

Alexandra Lunn, a design director, was the recipient of a Rising Star Award back in 2011. She was one of nine winners who were supported to help their career development in the early years of the awards.

Studying Visual Communication as a student at the Glasgow School of Art when she applied, The Rising Star Awards allowed her to complete studies and undertake a one-month placement at the European Exchange Academy, Berlin. Alexandra knew she wanted to experience different cultures and meet new people from other countries, especially in Europe. * *

I wouldn’t have been able to cover the course costs without receiving the £1,500 grant from the Rising Star Awards.”

“It allowed me to participate in a programme that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do before. I grew my network and learnt essential skills such as how to organise and host an exhibition. I still collaborate with some of the people I met at The European Exchange Academy, specifically Christine Bax, who is based in Amsterdam and sometimes helps me out with her professional skills and expertise in writing! The experience of living and working abroad made me appreciate that you need to make things happen to get anywhere!”

“My experience at the European Exchange Academy compensated for some of the things that were lacking from my course at the Glasgow School of Art. The experience gave me the confidence to do my own thing in new places. I wouldn’t have been able to cover the course costs without receiving the £1,500 grant from the Rising Star Awards.’’

Alexandra now runs a London based branding and design studio and teaches Graphic Design at Shillington

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* *Please note, we no longer fund study abroad, but here’s some ideas of what we do fund 

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