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What to expect at a Rising Star Awards interview - The Printing Charity

What to expect at a Rising Star Awards interview

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Interviews can be a daunting prospect, with Zoom adding an extra layer of challenge. How will you come across? Will you say too much or too little? We’re here to ease your mind and let you know what to expect in your Rising Stars interview.

Before the interview

Firstly, if you require any extra support during your interview, we invite you to let us know beforehand so that we can accommodate your needs where reasonable. This will form part of your invitation, as well as asking for your pronouns if you feel appropriate to give them.

You will be sent an invite to book your interview time, which will generate a Teams link.  On interview day, click the Teams link, and you’ll be placed in a lobby, where a member of the Awards Team will let you into the meeting. This is a good opportunity to take a quick breather, relax your shoulders and untense your jaw, it’s perfectly fine to be nervous. Make sure you’re in a calm and quiet environment, and that you’re sitting comfortably.

Preparation is key

Once in the meeting, a member of the Awards team will introduce themselves and go over some guidelines. Then we will introduce you to the judges. At this point, we will disappear into the background of the call, and from this point on let the judges guide the conversation. They will explain a little bit about who they are and where they’ve come from, and will then get into your application.

Though the interviews are relatively relaxed, you should still come prepared. The judges will ask you in depth questions about your application, therefore it is a good idea to have more detail ready to answer questions. They might wish to know more about your work background or ask for more information regarding a chosen course or training programme. Sometimes, through the process of chatting with you, the judges may decide that your chosen course might not be the best fit, and can talk with you about possible alternatives. They may also give you their contact details if you would like further support in future.

Are you a winner?

Overall, the interview will last between forty and fifty minutes. You will receive an email letting you know whether or not your funding has been granted.

The most important thing to remember is that your application has already impressed us enough to get an interview, and the judges are there to get the best from you. The interviews are your chance to really shine and show the judges that you’re an asset to the industry.

Winners of our Rising Stars Awards are awarded up to £1500 for training of their choice. Applications for next year will open early 2023. To be first to know about the awards, make sure you sign up to our newsletter.

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