Shining a light on our support: the Printing Charity helpline

Helpline Awareness Day

Helplines Partnership created Helplines Awareness Day in 2023 to promote and highlight the work helplines do to provide a listening ear, support, guidance, and assistance to those in need.

By their very nature, the work of helplines often goes unseen, but they can be a lifeline for people who come into contact with them. Helplines Awareness Day on the 23rd of February aims to promote the way helplines provide support, guidance, and assistance to those in need.

As proud members of the Helplines Partnership, The Printing Charity’s helpline, established in 2019, specifically supports people in the printing, paper, publishing, packaging and graphics industries. On Helplines Awareness Day, we wanted to recap the ways our helpline is there for people in our sectors.

Emotional and Practical Support

The Printing Charity helpline offers in-the-moment emotional support, by telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Call any time of the day or night for a conversation with BACP-registered counsellors about anything that is troubling you, whether it’s something personal, work-related or anything else. You may be referred for a course of structured counselling, also free of charge, if needed.

The helpline also offers practical information and advice, by telephone, 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck with a practical problem, whatever that may be, our information and advice specialists can help you put together a plan to move forward and feel more in control.

The helpline gives our employees the immediate chance to speak in a judgement-free zone with dedicated professionals no matter what time of day or night

Mark Roberts, Managing Director, Acorn Web Offset Ltd

The Printing Charity helpline is available for employees and their immediate family. It’s independent, free and completely confidential. Callers don’t have to provide their name; the helpline is here to simply listen and support.

Is your company registered for our free helpline?  Find out more and contact our friendly team at to discuss rolling the service out to your employees, too.

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