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Shotton Mill case study

“Mental health and wellbeing is paramount to our success as a business” – Natalie Lawton, HR Advisor, Shotton Mill

Paper manufacturer, Shotton Mill, takes employee wellbeing seriously, and they have gone the extra mile to support their staff. We spoke to HR Advisor, Natalie Lawton, about Shotton Mill’s commitment to mental wellbeing and their emphasis on encouraging conversations.

Encouraging open conversations

Shotton Mill has launched a number of excellent initiatives designed to start workplace conversations about mental health.

A team of ‘Wellbeing Aware’ employees are trained to start conversations and reduce the reluctance to talk about mental health, whilst also supported by a team of 15 Mental Health First Aiders.  This team’s work is augmented by a Wellbeing Group, comprising employees from different departments whose role is to improve on-site wellbeing through activities, training and initiatives to raise awareness of common issues.

Shotton Mill has an on-site occupational health advisor to assist with mental as well as physical health, and the Printing Charity’s free helpline is provided as an employee assistance programme for in-the-moment emotional support from a trusted resource outside the organisation itself.

“We ensure that psychological safety is treated with the same respect as physical safety when it comes to reporting, senior meetings and overall safety initiatives” says Natalie. “To highlight its importance, it is the first thing on all meeting agendas.”

There is also a dedicated Wellbeing Hub, a safe space which can be used at any time by anyone needing a quiet place or somewhere to talk. It’s also a resource centre where the full range of information and supporting materials are available, which includes signposting to the Printing Charity.

On-site support at a challenging time

Earlier this year, following an emotionally challenging event on-site at Shotton Mill, through the Printing Charity helpline, on-site support was provided a counsellor who was there for anyone who needed to talk.

“Everyone on site was impacted,” says Natalie. “The team valued the in-person emotional support that the Printing Charity was able to provide.”

Keeping the helpline top of mind

Shotton Mill’s occupational health advisor and Wellbeing Group are briefed on the support the helpline offers, while Natalie ensures that all employees know that it’s there and free to use anytime. “Having the helpline available to our employees gives confidence that mental health and wellbeing is truly viewed by our business as an important factor within everyone’s lives” Natalie says. “It’s great that this support is in place, readily available when it is needed.”

Our helpline offers 24/7 free and confidential support for those working in the paper industry, as well as print, packaging, graphics and the allied trades. To start a conversation about providing the service to your employees, email our friendly team

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