Starting conversations about Men’s Health in the workplace

10th – 16th June is Men’s Health Week. This year’s theme focuses on encouraging men to talk openly about how they are feeling, and the benefits that can be gained from this, inspired in part by how King Charles started a national conversation by sharing news about his own health problem, which is a great case study on the difference honest sharing can make.

Starting conversations like these in the workplace is hugely important, but it can be uncomfortable to know where to start. We spoke to a couple of our brilliant helpline partners about the work they do to help men feel able to give an open and honest answer to the question “How are you?”. 

Bring the subject into the spotlight

Systematic Print Management Account Manager Jill organised a fundraising event in support of Andy’s Man Club, a charity that wants to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health by creating judgement-free, confidential spaces where men can be open about the storms in their lives. The event was in honour of their colleague Chris, who tragically passed away.

James Walker, Director at Systematic, said “We got behind Jill’s challenge with donations and support on the day, as well as designing the campaign to promote it. We continue to be supportive of our colleagues’ initiatives when it comes to mental health.”

Make paying attention to men’s health a year-round activity

HR Business Partner and Wellbeing Lead at Paragon, Kim Hill, explains: “Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to remind our male employees that support and resource is available to them.”

However, Paragon runs a number of initiatives for men’s health throughout the year, providing ongoing opportunities to open those important conversations when they are needed.

Kim continues: “It’s important to talk openly about men’s health, and encourage our male employees to assess how they are and seek help and support if needed. We have a Men’s Health web page full of supportive information and resources, and a Men’s Room WhatsApp group. We hold Men’s Room Teams calls monthly, which are open to all men at Paragon to attend with a brew and have a chat. We hold a wellbeing day for different men’s charities, and we have promoted the value of open conversation through guest speakers who have openly talked about men’s mental health on a Teams call.”

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