Stress – how to spot and manage stress at home and work

We can all feel stressed at points in life depending on what we’re going through, but when it fails to resolve our physical and emotional wellbeing can take a real toll.

Recognising the signs and symptoms is a vital first step before taking actions to beat it. As part of Stress Awareness Week, we are sharing our top tips to manage and minimise stress at home and at work.  

Stress at work

The workplace can be a high pressure environment at times, leading to feelings of fatigue, worry and burnout. Although a little bit of stress can help us along sometimes, we must watch out that these feelings don’t become commonplace. 

There are various symptoms of workplace stress including low moods, tiredness, trouble concentrating, and absence. Everyone deals with stress in different ways but there are plenty of things you can do to reduce overall stress at work and regain a sense of control. Balancing your time and workload, including taking regular short breaks is highlighted by Mind as a key tool in helping to manage stress. The NHS has some great advice too, an important one being talking to someone about how you are feeling. Whether a manager or occupational health team, opening up can be a big relief and help you make a plan to manage your feelings.   

Stress at home

Our lives are often filled with tasks and challenges. From health and financial concerns to managing general household responsibilities and family relationships, there are many reasons to feel stressed. This can lead to feeling unable to cope, trouble sleeping, headaches and a lack of energy, all of which are common physical and emotional signs of stress. 

If you are worried about your finances, it’s good to start with thinking about a budget which you can review regularly. Money Savings Expert has plenty of advice and resources on how you can manage your money. Although it can be hard to open up and talk about money, especially if you are struggling, there are lots of services out there to support you, like Stepchange

Talking to those around you in your household to express how you are feeling as this can help reduce the feeling that you’re alone in the situation. Eating healthy, and making time for exercise can have a huge effect too. The Mental Health Foundation outlines these methods and others you can try that can help to reduce the impact of stress.

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