Success stories from 2022’s Rising Star Award winners

Rising Stars

Winning a Rising Star Award makes a real difference to print industry careers.

Here, two of our brilliant 2022 winners, Victoria Blackwell and Chelsea Davis, share more details on their motivation for entering the Awards, how they went about it, and the impact it’s had on them.

Victoria BlackwellVictoria Blackwell

Marketing Executive

Page Bros

Worked in print since 2010

Why were you inspired to apply for the award?

I was inspired to apply for the Rising Star Award because of my passion for learning and developing my skillset.

During lockdown, I completed a level 6 diploma in Digital Marketing with the IDM. Although my background was in prepress and graphic design, because of this course I was able to move into a full-time marketing role at Page Bros. This progression encouraged me to keep learning. I was excited to apply for the Rising Star Awards, which I believed could be a fantastic next step in my learning journey.

What did you apply for, and why?

I applied for an Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting with the IDM, because I felt copywriting was my least confident area of digital marketing.

I was hopeful that a copywriting course would help me write informative, engaging copy that was optimised for search engines, and was particularly interested in how digital copywriting could enhance my knowledge and application of SEO strategy.

What positive impact has the award had for you, and for your career?

I recently completed the course and was over the moon to have passed with 92%! This is now an exciting time for my career. Thanks to the Rising Star Awards, I have gained a new skill and qualification.

The Award has given me a huge boost in confidence, allowing me to take charge and be more creative. It’s also given me recognition both in my company, and within the industry. I’ve been invited to join networking events and even speak on a podcast! I’ve met a few of the other award winners as well as some inspirational people within the printing industry.

What would you say to anyone planning to apply for a Rising Star Award in 2023?

Be brave and go for it! The entire process was simple and well managed. The team kept me updated and feeling at ease at every stage. If you are genuinely passionate about learning to further your career within the printing industry, then this will shine through in your application and interview.

Remember, the Printing Charity wants to see young people succeed. By supporting their growth now, they are future-proofing this wonderful industry.

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis

Account Manager


Worked in print since 2015.

Why were you inspired to apply for the award?

One of my colleagues, Hayley Walker from Amberley Labels, was an award-winner the previous year, and hearing from her, I realised this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. It was an amazing way to be recognised as a young female working in the print industry, and to develop my skills to help with my future within it.

What did you apply for, and why? 

I wanted to undertake leadership and management courses to help solidify skills for my personal development, such as problem-solving and improvement. These are crucial for helping me to achieve my personal career goals and to work towards becoming an inspired leader, continuing to build my career in print. I applied for funding for three BPIF courses – an Introduction to Print; Team Leader; and Negotiation and Persuasion.

What positive impact has the award had for you, and your career?

Colleagues and customers have recognised me as a Rising Star winner as the news was shared widely on social media. The training itself helped me to meet like-minded people within the industry, and learn from experts in the field with real experience to guide me, and share their knowledge and experience so I can learn and grow too.

Since winning the award a colleague and I have been given the opportunity to head up a sales team, which is a step in the right direction for my career and means I can put what I learnt into practice, developing my skillset further.

What would you say to anyone planning to apply for a Rising Star Award in 2023?

I would say GO FOR IT, you have nothing to lose and could potentially grow your confidence, your skill set and your professional network. The Awards are an amazing opportunity for young talent within our industry.

Learn more about how the Rising Star Awards could make you shine in your career, visit our Rising Star info pages

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