The meaning of print in today’s society

In collaboration with London College of Communication, we are running a project for photojournalism degree students to celebrate and explore the history of print, as well as looking at what print means in today’s society. The students’ brief is to use the power of photojournalism to show a positive story of how diverse the printing sector is.

The project’s aim is to give a real world brief to help students build their confidence and portfolios. The15 participating students have the opportunity during the course of the project to meet and receive guidance from Tina Carr, Director of the Rory Peck Trust, Mark George, CEO of photography agency, Mark George Management, Neil Lovell, our Chief Executive, and Susan Truseler, who manages our social media.

Meeting some of the students to discuss their initial research of print techniques and story angles for their projects, Mark George commented: “Five students with five ideas about a project to produce five images with the key word ‘print’. Each one came with a unique approach, all of which, with dedication, thought and hard work, should produce some very interesting pictures. These are good students who had really considered the project, taken it seriously and surprised me with the standard of their work. I look forward to seeing the next stage.”

Tina Carr says: “This is a challenging brief. It’s about communicating to those who will look at the image, but it has a wider application: how do you get photography to tell stories that make people really care about them?”

The students will present their submissions on 5 March when the judges will be looking to select three students’ work for credited use in our publicity material. The winning trio will receive a Print Futures Award and automatic membership of our Print Futures Awards Alumni Programme.

A selection of the students’ final work will also be displayed at our AGM in June and our Annual Luncheon in November.


Photo by Ana Escobar

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