“The wellbeing of our team members is a cornerstone of our success” ePS on the importance of workplace mental wellbeing support

Melissa Harvan, Global Head of HR at eProductivity Software (ePS), sponsor of the Printing Charity’s 194th Annual Luncheon, shares insight into the work the business does to support employee wellbeing.

“We’re proud to partner on an ongoing basis with the Printing Charity, not only through this event sponsorship, but through practical activities such as rolling out their helpline to our team, and sharing the materials and information the charity provides,” Melissa explains. “These have been instrumental in driving forward our mission to promote mental wellbeing within our organisation, helping us all build knowledge in specific areas of employee wellbeing support and develop best practices for it. Through our Printing Charity collaboration, along with other work we’re doing in this field, ePS is proud to champion mental health support and awareness.”

A range of support available to employees

Alongside the helpline, ePS have implemented a range of support for the team, including an employee assistance programme and providing private health insurance coverage that encompasses mental health support.

“We recognise that team member wellbeing is a critical cornerstone of our success,” says Melissa. “We understand the importance of mental health and its potential impact on our team members and on the overall performance of our organisation. We want to provide resources that are there to support our team whenever they are needed. The Printing Charity helpline has seamlessly integrated into our existing mental wellbeing support stack. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that our team members have access to immediate and expert assistance when needed, and we are really pleased with the overall impact it is making.”

Mental wellbeing aspirations for the future

ePS’s future aspirations for mental wellbeing are to work to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health. Providing a workplace environment that encourages open, honest conversations, where people feel safe and supported to seek help without hesitation, is very important to them.

Melissa is very clear on the objective of these aspirations, explaining: “We envision a future where everyone understands that it’s okay not to be okay and that seeking support is a sign of strength.”

She continues: “At ePS we look forward to continuing our journey with the Printing Charity, advocating for better mental health in our organisation, in the print industry and allied trades, and beyond.”

ePS are a proud sponsor of the Printing Charity’s 2023 Annual Luncheon. Read more about this in the news release here.

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