“I couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve done for me”

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Tony’s local council initially put him in touch with The Printing Charity to apply for a one-off grant to help pay for a new boiler.

He was not expecting any other help so it was a pleasant surprise to find that when his grant application was assessed, he was also eligible for financial support from us to top up his minimum wage. That has been a great help for the past three years.

When the print company he worked for went into administration, he discovered he did not qualify for redundancy pay from the company, so he contacted our free, confidential helpline for advice.

“Your helpline explained how to apply for statutory redundancy pay and claim unpaid wages,” Tony says. “It’s been really useful and I’ve recommended it to other people.

“You’ve also given me an emergency grant in the meantime. Everyone at the charity is really nice to deal with and you’re always spot on with the information you give. I couldn’t be happier with everything you’ve done for me.”

If you work or have worked in the print sector and need support with your wellbeing or changes you may be facing in your life, contact our team today to see how we can help. Call us on 01293 542820 or send us a message.

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