Tools for success – how software training can shape your career

Taking a certified training course can help you gain valuable knowledge in different software applications while opening the door to new career opportunities. 

Software and equipment can be a vital tool in many career paths, helping you to complete your everyday tasks efficiently and to a good standard. Some job roles will require you to have specific training on certain software, for example Adobe Creative Cloud, which you may not be familiar with, or you may just have an interest to learn more about how the software works. 

Before you set out trying to become an expert on every piece of software possible, it’s important to identify what specific tools you need to learn about in your chosen field. Ask colleagues or a mentor about what they use most, or research the tools used in your dream job role. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the software if possible, or follow an online tutorial to double check it is what you were expecting before finding a training course.

Once you have completed technical training, you may find many new career opportunities are available to you. Sophie Chuter, Rising Star Award winner in 2019, used her grant to fund an Adobe certified Photoshop course. “Part of the work we do in our team is manipulating and colour correcting images for our print campaigns. However, I lacked knowledge and confidence in Photoshop to be able to do this. Completing the course will give me an Adobe Mid-level certification which is a recognised qualification in the industry and one that will help me to progress into more senior roles.”

Amy Elrington used her award to do an Adobe Creative Cloud print workshop as well as a course in SEO. For her, the award was invaluable; “The award gave me the opportunity to develop my practical skills in design and online digital marketing. Not only that, I had the opportunity to meet with the talented judges, who challenged me to answer questions about where I want to go with my career.”

Software training is a brilliant way to invest in your career. If you know what programmes you need to use to progress, apply to the Rising Star Awards before the 7th March.

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