Happy staff, happy company – ways you can increase employee wellbeing

As a business owner, changes you make to improve the wellbeing of your employees is not only good for them, but good for business too. 

For instance, a recent study found that more than half (54%) of employees surveyed from around the world would consider leaving their job post-COVID-19 if they are not given some form of flexibility in where and when they work.

So what can you offer your staff that will make them happier, healthier and more productive? To help, we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to improve employee wellbeing. 

Flexible working

The pandemic has seen the greatest shift in remote working in living memory. With the rise of home-working, people have experienced the benefits of life without a commute. In fact, 85% of UK working adults currently homeworking, wanted to use a “hybrid” approach of both home and office working in future.

Some companies have even gone down from a normal Monday to Friday to a four day working week, like packaging supplier UPAC. While this certainly won’t work for every company, it can prove to boost productivity as well as job satisfaction, reducing burnout that can come with increased working hours in demanding roles.

Career goals

Helping employees to be open and think about their long-term career goals can be a great way to boost motivation as well as performance. 

If you’re a manager, why not talk with your employees to see what kind of personal development plans you can put in place and show that you’re there to support them in meeting their goals. You can help ensure there are opportunities for progression and the right training resources needed.  

Mental Health First Aiders

Training up Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace can help bring a greater understanding and awareness of mental health amongst your colleagues. Having a dedicated team member armed with the tools to correctly spot and support mental health concerns can make a huge difference to staff wellbeing, and company culture as a whole. 

Get in touch with Mental Health England who provide training and resources for mental health first aiders across the country. 

Resources for employees

There are a wealth of resources out there to boost employee wellbeing and provide access to physical and mental health support. 

Employers like packaging manufacturer Robinson, introduced Perkbox to their staff during the pandemic. The platform provides employees with access to private GPs as well as a helpline for any emotional concerns. These kinds of services are crucial for employees to feel supported, and need to be easily accessible to work best.

Our helpline

If you’re a SME, it might be tricky to dedicate the time required to employee wellbeing. This is why we offer support for every company in our sector through our helpline, no matter if you have 1000 staff or 10. It’s free to register, and provide you with the reassurance that you are supporting your employees with access to practical and emotional support 24/7.

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