Wellbeing at work – how our Helpline can support your staff

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Offering wellbeing support for your staff can help them to address any physical, emotional and mental health concerns they may have, and prevent personal issues from impacting on their work. With most people spending at least half of their day in the workplace, employee wellbeing needs to be taken seriously. 

How our Helpline supports your staff

Some employers might not know how to start offering wellbeing support, which is why we make it easy. Our free, confidential helpline is here to help the sector and its workforce any time. 

The helpline service provides both emotional and practical support. There are BACP counsellors providing in-the-moment emotional support 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For more practical advice and guidance, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) trained advisers can help with a huge range of questions from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, no matter how big or small. 

There are also supplementary tools alongside the Helpline, including AI chatbot Woebot, here to check in on your day to day feelings, and useful budgeting calculators to help manage your finances. 

Why should I support my staff’s wellbeing?

There are many benefits to registering your company for our Helpline. Offering wellbeing support for staff can help them to address any concerns they have before these issues impact on work and productivity. 

Sometimes people don’t want to ask for help at work as they might not feel comfortable raising certain issues with their employer. Providing an avenue to confidential advice  removes this barrier and gets people the help they need sooner. 

Accessible format printer Pia has been registered with the helpline over the last ten months and their Managing Director Sharon Williams is impressed with how useful it has been so far. 

“At Pia, we require a range of specialist skills to maintain our extremely high quality standards. To ensure we keep those skills, we need a stable, happy and productive workforce. Mental wellbeing has become even more important in recent times and the Helpline has been invaluable. As a small business owner, I could not provide the same level of professional support to my colleagues without it.”

Jon Tolley, Director at Prime Group, has had great feedback from his staff about the helpline too. Giving the team this kind support outside of the normal work environment gives them someone they can talk to confidentially to support their mental health” he explained. “We have had lots of our team use this service and it’s amazing what value it can bring back when they feel supported personally as well as at work.” 

Register your organisation for the Helpline

Access to the Helpline is completely free for individuals and companies in the print, paper, publishing and packaging industries. All we ask is that companies register with us first so that one of our dedicated Relationship Managers can help with the roll out. 
Fill in our online form to register your interest and we’ll get in touch with you.

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