We’re told men don’t talk. Here’s why it’s important to start those conversations

10th – 16th June is Men’s Health Week. The theme for 2024’s event is Let’s Talk Prostates (And Everything Else Men’s Health!). The theme recognises how King Charles started a national conversation by sharing news about his own health problem, which is a great case study on the difference honest sharing can make.

Positive points about breaking taboos

Starting conversations to beat taboos is something we at the Printing Charity certainly support, and we’ve been inspired by stories from some of our male beneficiaries which show the positive impact of open conversation on their mental wellbeing.

When men see others break the talking taboo and be open and honest, they are more likely to be comfortable in being open and honest too. Beneficiary Mark says: “Men especially don’t like talking, but when you speak to the charity it’s fine, they put you at ease.”

The benefits of stepping into the unknown to seek support

It’s daunting, and often frightening, to step into the unknown by starting a conversation to seek support, but it is definitely worth taking that step.

“There will be other people in my situation, not knowing where to turn,” says beneficiary Paul. “If you phone and explain your situation, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s worth asking the question.”

The last word on this comes from beneficiary Gino. “I would 100% encourage you to get in touch with the Printing Charity and talk to them,” he urges. “The help the Printing Charity provides keeps me going.”

If you are seeking support for an emotional or practical problem, you can start a conversation through the Printing Charity’s free, independent and confidential helpline. Visit the helpline pages and find out more.

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