Why you should apply for the Rising Star Awards

Rising Stars

As the applications for this year’s awards open, we hear from some of our previous Rising Stars and their employers about how winning has helped them shine.

The Printing Charity’s Rising Star Awards 2023 are now open for applications. The awards – the biggest dedicated grant giving scheme in the print sector – are designed to champion young talent, providing up to £1500 to fund training for personal and professional development.

Previous Rising Star winners have used the grant for a wide range of opportunities. These include: personal skills development, core skills training, creative skills enhancement, securing new software and relevant professional association membership. Very different uses, but all with one thing in common: they’re designed to build skill sets that will help winners shine in their career.

Providing the tools for success

Previous winner Jordan Saunders from Arden Engraving, used his award to fund an intensive masterclass in Adobe Illustrator, and describes how this has helped him in his role: “The training improved my confidence in working with clients to resolve issues, and ultimately allows me to deliver great customer service.”

It’s clear from Jordan’s experience how training funded by the Awards benefits the businesses where the Rising Stars work. Jordan’s Manager, Sarah Poynter, is positive about the value of training and development: “It is promising to see young people, like him, wanting to invest in themselves and develop both their practical and personal skills to help them further their careers.”

What skills are you missing?

Within the application process, it’s crucial for potential Stars to be able to explain how the funding will make a specific difference to their career. To do this well, getting input from managers, mentors and HR teams is recommended.

Just taking the time to focus on personal development is itself a very useful thing to do, as Previous Star Hayley Walker of Amberley Labels explains; “The application process inspired me to sit down and talk to my manager about how I saw myself progressing within the business, and where he saw me progressing. Together we were able to come up with a plan about where my future career could go”.

Amberley Labels’ Managing Director, David Richards, understands the advantages in encouraging their eligible employees to apply, adding; “The Rising Star Awards help engage some of our younger people to look at their career. Supporting our Rising Stars’ entries was a really positive move for us, and I can definitely see a real change in their professional approach to their roles.”

Could you be a Rising Star, or are there Rising Stars in your business? Applications are open now and close on 2nd April.

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