In our earliest days, the Printing Charity educated the children of printers’ and whilst, thankfully, that is no longer required, we do continue to care about the next generation.  

Nowadays, our focus is helping young people who have joined the print, paper, publishing, or packaging industries, to nurture their development, create a career pathway and forge their journey to being the leaders of tomorrow.  

Our Rising Star Awards recognise the best young talent in the industry and supports them in reaching their career goals.

A Rising Star is someone with great potential and knows exactly what they need to advance in their chosen field. Winners receive funding of up to £1500 towards the training or equipment they have chosen to help them on their journey.

These Awards for rising stars have grown into the largest single awards programme for people aged 18 to 30 years in the UK printing, paper, packaging, publishing, and graphic arts sector.

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Without The Printing Charity’s support, I can say that my career and livelihood would be vastly different than it is today.

Meet our 2021 Rising Stars

Rising stars in publishing

These stars all have one thing in common, and that’s a passion for books. At the start of their publishing careers, working across large and small houses and in all departments, they are seeking to improve their core publishing skills such as copywriting and...

Rising stars developing specialist skills

These stars have all chosen to progress their chosen specialism, whether this is English language editing or marketing, to bring specialist knowledge and expertise to our sector. Our funding will allow them to gain certificated training from their relevant...

Rising stars creating visual delights

These stars demonstrate the creative breadth of our sector, producing attractive visuals both online and in printed form. With our support they are able to take the next step in their career and continue to evolve their creativity by developing practical skills and...

Rising stars in engineering & production

These stars are responsible for the production of print and packaging across the UK, maintaining, operating and overseeing the presses and turning raw materials into a finished product. We are delighted to support them as they build their knowledge and work towards...

Rising stars in Customer Service

These stars are the face of our industry, working in customer services and relationship management. Managing complex projects, resolving challenges and understanding their customer’s requirements, we are providing vital equipment and training to develop their people...
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Rising stars in Journalism

These stars are establishing themselves as the next generation of journalists, delivering the latest news and interesting stories with words, photographs, and film. A challenging industry within which to flourish, we are happy to provide equipment and crucial skills...