Soft skills online learning courses

The following training courses were recommended in a recent World Economic Forum article:

Creativity: bringing new ideas to the table 

Banish Your Inner Critic to Unleash Creativity with Denise Jacobs, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Creativity For All (Weekly Series), available on LinkedIn Learning 

Creative Exercises to Spark Original Thinking, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Creativity, Innovation, and Change, available on Coursera 

Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization, available on Coursera 

Creativity & Entrepreneurship, available on edX 

Innovation and Creativity Management, available on edX 

Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation, available on edX 


Persuasion: bringing someone around to your way of thinking 

Persuading Others, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Leading Without Formal Authority, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Persuasive Coaching, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Master Persuasion Psychology, available on Udemy 

Negotiation Skills and Effective Communication, available on edX 

Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking, available on edX 

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age, available on Coursera 

Collaboration: working successfully with people 

Being an Effective Team Member, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Shane Snow on Dream Teams, available on LinkedIn Learning 

People Management, available on edX 

High-Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation, available on edX 

Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence, available on Udemy 

Adaptability: thriving in a changing environment 

Managing Stress for Positive Change, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Developing Adaptability as a Manager, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Finding Your Time Management Style, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Adaptive Leadership in Development, available on edX 

Innovation Leadership, available on edX 

Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation, available on edX 

Emotional Intelligence: building your awareness 

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Social Success at Work, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Influencing Others, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence, available on LinkedIn Learning 

Personality Types at Work, available on Coursera 

Relationship Management, available on Coursera 

Conflict Management Specialization, available on Coursera 

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work, available on edX 

Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills, available on Coursera