Celebrating the rich history of almshouses

Almshouses have a rich history dating back to c990. By definition, they are units of residential housing occupied by beneficiaries under a license which sees them pay a maintenance contribution to live there. They are there to support those who may have fallen on hard times, offering safe and affordable community-style living. Most almshouses have their own criteria as to who can live there, for example those only from a specific trade or industry, or retired at a certain age.

Almshouses are still as important today. There are now over 30,000 almshouses in the UK giving a home to 36,000 people.

The Almshouse Association

The Almshouse Association offers support and representation for over 1600 almshouses in the UK, and is this year turning 75 years old!

To celebrate the milestone, we are featuring their amazing work and will be telling the stories of some almshouse residents.


Images of our almshouses through the ages

Sheltered Homes

Our sheltered homes are almshouses and provide an affordable and safe community for people that have retired from the print, packaging, paper or publishing industry, or those have an immediate family connection to it. 

Are you or someone you know looking to live independently in a friendly environment? There are currently vacancies at Southwood Court in Basildon.

Southwood Court


Beaverbrook House