The Rising Star Awards recognise the best young talent in our industry and helps them to reach their career goals. 

Is there someone in your team that has great potential? Encourage them to apply and receive funding of up to £1500 towards training to develop their skills and career ambitions.

Supporting their application

Rising star funding is not designed to replace the essential employer training necessary for someone to fulfil their role, and we encourage all applicants to talk to their manager or HR to make sure what they are applying for isn’t already covered by their employer. 

Award winners tend to have well thought out training choices and an understanding of how it will benefit them and the company.

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Telling the stories of the North

Telling the stories of the North

It’s Yorkshire Day, and to celebrate we spoke to Michael Crossland, Leeds based journalist and 2022 Rising Star, about how he got started in his career and why he is...

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Coping with the cost of living

Coping with the cost of living

The cost of living over the last year has shot up and many people are feeling the pinch on their household finances. The Office for National Statistics found that 91%...

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