Think better and feel great with Woebot’s in the moment emotional support app 

Woebot is your personal, emotional guide that will check in with you every day to see how you are doing.  He’ll help you track your mood, change your thinking, set goals, practice mindfulness and gain insights into your patterns.   

By walking you through techniques and clinically validated tools, Woebot can empower you to make every day better.  All through fun, brief, daily conversations.   

Follow these simple steps to access Woebot 

  • Download the App from your mobile app store 
  • Register with a code – use your email and enter the code ‘cftpcwhen prompted 
  • Start chatting – Woebot wants to hear how you’re doing 
  • Check-in – Answer a couple of questions and Woebot will guide you through 
  • Explore Woebot’s offerings – Woebot will guide you to discover the tools and stories that will help you the most 

Woebot is built on the foundations of:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)  
  • Mindfulness  
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy  

Download the app

Woebot can help you to:

  • Feel better 
  • Discover insights 
  • Practice mindfulness 
  • Manage loneliness  
  • Reduce stress  
  • Track your mood  
  • Measure progress  
  • Balance emotions  
  • Cope with grief  
  • Tolerate distress