Rising Star Awards FAQs

Am I eligible to apply?

The Rising Star Awards are open to:

  • Those who have a ‘right to reside’ in the UK
  • Those aged 18-30 at the time of your application
  • Individuals working in the print, paper, publishing, and packaging sectors
  • Individuals studying for sector-specific qualifications

What will you consider applications for?

​We will consider applications for a wide variety of training, development, equipment, professional accreditations and memberships, where applicants can demonstrate they are beneficial to their personal and career development. Please note:

  • We cap laptop funding requests at £500.
  • If you are requesting the renewal or replacement of a professional membership, item of equipment etc, please tell us how you have funded this in the past and why you are requesting the Charity’s support to do so now.
  • Applications should allow for training to be completed 12 months after the award is given

Is there anything you won’t consider applications for?

Yes, we won’t support:

  • Incomplete application such as one-line answers on the forms and incorrect cost breakdowns
  • Applications from past Print Futures Award winners
  • Overseas study costs
  • University tuition fees
  • Living expenses for those completing Masters qualifications
  • University/college project costs
  • Applications that appear to fund a hobby
  • Courses we feel your employer could/should be funding
  • The awards are not designed to support business start-ups unless there is a clear and proven training element where skills are being passed on to new audiences (such as where there is a community benefit).
  • The Charity does not support applications for living or travel costs for paid or unpaid internships where they are not confirmed. The applicant must have an agreed internship offer and provide a detailed breakdown of the benefit this internship will provide and how they intend to cover any shortfall in their living and travel costs.

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