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Stars of print world support our 2015 calendar - The Printing Charity

Stars of print world support our 2015 calendar

We unveiled its 2015 calendar at a special launch event held on 30 October at St Bride Foundation, London.

The theme of the 2015 calendar is “The Powers of Print”, looking at the characteristics of print on paper ­ good looks, naturalness, strength, longevity, flexibility, security, relevancy for the future and more. There is also a short “Did you know fact?” related to print on paper on each calendar page.

The calendar’s stars of the print world are: Ian Sullivan from Paperhat Consorcio; Wayne Barlow from Canon; Iain Bullock and Johnannes Zeller from Renz; Peter Jolly and Sarah Crumpler from Duplo International; David McGuiness from Kodak; Dale Wallis from the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF); Gary Downey from Balreed; Malcolm Glynn from Konica Minolta; Kelvin Bell from Vpress; Dara Jegede, Ben McCabe, and James Matthews-Paul from Outputmagazine; Susan Wright, David Gamage, Louise Gamage, and  Mike Morris from Earth Island Publishing; and Alison Braganza from the Printing Charity.

Stephen Gilbert, our Chief Executive, says: “We would like to thank the companies that have collaborated for a fifth year to produce a fundraising calendar for the charity, giving their time and services free.”

Our 2015 calendar is available for a suggested donation of £5.00 per calendar. To order a copy, please contact Alison Braganza at The Printing Charity on 01293 649 366 or email alison@theprintingcharity.org.uk.


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