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We are a charity with national reach, here to provide practical and emotional support for people in crisis as well as championing the skills and opportunities within our sector for aspiring talent.

About The Printing Charity

Our aim is to help make life better for everyone in genuine need in our sector and find ways to extend our reach and impact on new people. We aim to achieve this:

by promoting independence, protecting dignity, and furthering education through our welfare and education work.

by being accessible to and better understanding the people we help to ensure our support and services are relevant.

by working strategically with industry partners to help fund training and create pathways to employment for young people in printing, publishing, packaging and graphic arts.

by increasing the number of people we help in a more meaningful way year-on-year.

“Supporting me enables me to support others through my editorial work,” says Tom of the financial help he receives from The Printing Charity and the Journalists’ Charity.

He has worked in the media since 1997, initially on the commercial and sales side before moving across to editorial where he is the editor of two magazines, Civvy Street and Able.

The ethos of Civvy Street, a magazine for members of the Armed Forces making the transition to civilian life, and Able, a disability lifestyle publication, is to provide answers for people faced with life-changing decisions.

It is a situation Tom knows only too well, having been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis ten years ago. With his symptoms becoming progressively more severe and affecting his health, Tom had to make a decision about working full- or part-time, one he could not afford to make independently.

“I take pride in my work and didn’t want to relinquish it, plus I have a family to look after,” he says. “I realised that with financial support I could continue doing the job I have a real passion for. The charities’ help is fantastic in that it enables me to work a four-day week with one day off to recuperate and help manage my symptoms.”


We are proud of our long heritage and have been supporting individuals from the printing, paper, packaging and publishing sector since 1827. The roll call of our former Presidents is impressive with powerful figures from politics and industry; all with a connection to and belief in the sector.

The Printing Charity is here to help make life better for people working in or connected to printing, publishing, packaging, and the graphic arts.

820 People

helped across welfare and unemployment support

1,737 People

helped across our welfare and
education activities in 2018

401 People

received a winter weather payment to help during the extra cold spell in February 2018

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