Helpline. Free, confidential.

Our free, confidential helpline provides practical and emotional support 365 days a year to people in our sector and their immediate family members. 

Practical support

Our information and advice specialists are here to help you find practical ways forward when you feel unsure of what to do or just overwhelmed by problems. Sometimes, having the information to make a sensible plan, and some support in doing so, is all it takes to help you feel more in control. Available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm, our knowledgeable advisors will try to find what you need to help you move forward.

Emotional support

All our counsellors are members of, and accredited to, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), with extensive experience and expertise. You can discuss anything that may be troubling you, from relationships and stress, to work related issues including bullying, harassment, or changes at work. Whatever your situation, our friendly team are here to help, 24 hours a day, every day.

Supplementary to the helpline telephone service, you can access:


Empower yourself with clinically validated tools to make everyday better. Woebot is your personal, emotional guide that will check in with you every day to see how you are doing.  He’ll help you track your mood, change your thinking, set goals, practice mindfulness and gain insights into your patterns.   

By walking you through techniques and clinically validated tools, Woebot can empower you to make every day better.  All through fun, brief, daily conversations.   


A digital financial expert offering advice and guidance on all kinds of money-related matters. 

Myeva is here to help with your money-related matters from everyday spending, savings, mortgages, and investing for the future.

It’s adaptable depending on your circumstance, helping you to identify which areas of your financial wellbeing you might need to concentrate on, giving you the right guidance and help. 

How to access the helpline

Are you…?


  • Representing a business?

Contact us via the below form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss how the helpline can support you and your team, and how you can gain access.

  • An individual who’s already got access to the helpline service?

Please refer to the materials you received from your manager or HR lead or contact us.

Email: Tel:01293 542820

  • An individual seeking help?
Contact our friendly support team who can tell you more about the helpline and how you can access the service. 

Email: Tel: 01293 542820

A couple of weeks ago I shared the details of The Printing Charity’s helpline with my team.  One of the team does struggle with mental health and has been impacted by the pandemic. Having used the service his mood was much improved, he was feeling positive and productive.

He had some really positive feedback on the support he received, and said the helpline counsellor was excellent. He spent a long time talking with them which they encouraged and they listened. He found the experience really beneficial and he said he would use it again if needed.

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