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Whatever your job is or was for three years in an organisation that produces a printed output – printing, publishing, manufacturing or operating presses, driving, cleaning, advertising, photography, graphic arts, making ink, recycling paper – we’re here to help you and your dependent family members.


How we can help

Whether you are a budding graphic designer needing help with study costs through the annual Print Futures Awards, need financial assistance during difficult times, or are looking to move into one of our two sheltered homes, we are here to help.


How you can help

We want to help more people, but to do that we need your support. This is your charity. Become a member, get involved, make a donation and make a difference.


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A grant of £300 from The Printing Charity to buy a laptop has opened up a new world for Barbara. Encouraged by her sister and brother-in-law in New Zealand as a way of keeping in touch, Barbara decided to master the email. “At nearly 70, I thought it might be too difficult,” she says, “and […]

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Every penny we receive in donations goes to help those who need it most!

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