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Solutions to problems that seem impossible are best addressed through open, honest conversation. At the Printing Charity, we are here to help people in print, paper, packaging, graphics and publishing through practical, emotional and financial support when it’s needed – and we encourage everyone who feels they may need that support to start a conversation with us about it.

Here are a few positive points to remember when you’re thinking of starting a conversation.

The first step is the hardest

Our Senior Welfare and Wellbeing Officer, Jo, knows that people often feel ashamed about asking for help, adding; “The first call is the most important step anyone can make towards dealing with and facing up to their situation.”

There’s no stigma in needing support. From her own personal experience, beneficiary Laura understands why people feel awkward, and encourages people not to feel that way. “You feel like a failure,” she says. “You’ll find a million reasons not to ask, but there is so much to be gained from asking.”

Everyone’s lives can take an unexpected turn

People sometimes assume that their personal circumstances may mean they won’t need, or be eligible for help from us, but everyone’s lives can take an unexpected turn. This is true for beneficiary, Linda, who became a carer for her father after he suffered a stroke and moved into her home. “If anyone with a family or personal connection to print finds themselves a carer – and more often than not this happens by chance, not choice – please take the plunge and contact the Printing Charity,” urges Linda.

You just need to ask

You don’t have to know exactly what help you need when you get in touch with the Printing Charity. When you call us, we’ll do our best to help you, whatever your circumstances.

Jo and Diana, the charity’s Welfare and Wellbeing Officers, understand how hard it can be to ask for support. “Our first priority is to make people feel at ease as much as we can. We know it takes a lot to pick up the phone and talk. Our message is that there’s no judgement, and everything is confidential.”

Linda sums this up perfectly. “Help is out there,” she says, “But if you don’t ask, you won’t know.”

A range of potential support options are possible

We can help in a range of ways, not only through financial grants, and you may be eligible for our help even if you don’t expect to be.

For instance, we were able to help Mark and his wife with moving costs when the housing association offered them their ideal home, to enable him to secure it. “I didn’t have sufficient savings to cover moving costs,” he explains. “I couldn’t work out how we were going to manage.”

Tell others about the support we provide

By sharing information about the support we provide with others in our industry, more people will be able to take advantage of the help available.

Ricoh UK’s Sales Director Tanya Howe is a passionate advocate of mental wellbeing in the print industry. For her, it really does start with a conversation: “My hope for the future is that one day everyone will know that it’s OK to ask for help. I’m working with the Printing Charity to keep communicating this message in the industry that we all love.”

Renan Joel, Divisional Director – UK & Global Packaging Portfolio at Easyfairs is another vocal supporter committed to sharing our work with his professional network. He explains: “Easyfairs are great believers in the power of collective action. We want to amplify awareness of the Printing Charity and the fantastic resources it provides to support mental health in the printing and packaging industries.”

We are here for anyone working in or retired from our industry, when we are needed. Please start the conversation by calling 01293 542 820 or e-mail

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If you, or someone you know needs support, or you’d like to know more about our free, confidential helpline, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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