How a grant for a dyslexia assessment changed Gary’s life

The Printing Charity supported Gary with a grant for a dyslexia assessment, when his struggles with everyday tasks including reading, staying focused and remembering instructions began to impact his CIPD studies and his mental wellbeing.

Gary currently works in the print industry as a warehouseman. He is passionate about supporting others and his ambition is to make the move into the HR team in the business.

Gary heard about the The Printing Charity’s support for people in print and the allied trades, but was not sure what to expect. “I got in touch with the charity in the hope that they could help me make sense of it all and help me find a solution to my ongoing challenges. I was blown away by the level of support I received – the grant for my dyslexia assessment was incredible.”

A breakthrough diagnosis

This grant ended up being key for Gary’s diagnosis. The psychotherapist identified that an assessment for both dyslexia and dyspraxia were needed, and both were confirmed after the assessment.

“This has given me huge relief, as before the assessment I was suffering and never had any help” Gary explains. “If it wasn’t for the Printing Charity, I wouldn’t know this at all and I would have continued to struggle. I now look at things differently and embrace my diagnoses. I have a clear understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and how I can help myself persevere and achieve in my future career. I now have an extension for my CIPD course which has lifted loads of weight off my shoulders. This has changed my life.”

Gary is very clear that anyone struggling with any aspect of their work or personal life, no matter how big or small they perceive their problem to be, should get in touch with the Printing Charity for a conversation.

We here to help

“If you need help, and have been putting it off – don’t. Get in touch ASAP,” he encourages. “The charity really does care, no joke, they literally do. To be heard was a huge thing for me as my communication skills aren’t great, but I now know this is due to my dyslexia. These amazing people will help you through your journey to self-discovery like they did with me. I am eternally grateful to the Printing Charity for everything they have done that has helped me claim my life back.”

It starts with a conversation. Please get in touch via or call 01293 542 820

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