How taking control of your finances can improve your wellbeing

Money can be something that causes us to worry, in fact over 1.5 million people in England are experiencing both problem debt and mental health issues.

If you are concerned that your finances are taking a toll on your health, we have listed some of the support available that can help you take back control. 

Talking about it

It might feel difficult at first to be vocal about finances, but being able to talk to someone you trust about money worries is a good place to start. Moneyhelper have a great guide on how to have a conversation about money if you aren’t sure how to approach the topic. There’s also our free and confidential helpline for people in our industry to talk to confidentiality about anything that might be troubling them, including financial issues. 


Creating a budget is a brilliant way to plan and improve your financial situation. By setting limits and keeping to them, you can help make your money go further each month. Thankfully, there are various free online budgeting tools that you can use, including Citizen’s Advice  and Moneyhelper

Grants and benefits 

Do you know whether you might be missing out on financial support? Whether you are working, unemployed, on long term sickness, a parent, or have a disability, it’s best to check whether you might be entitled to any benefits. Citizens advice is a good place to check if you are eligible for support. Turn2us also has a useful free and confidential benefits calculator tool to help you find the information you might need to claim benefits.

If you work or have worked in the print sector and may be struggling to make ends meet or find yourself in financial difficulty, we may be able to support you. We know that financial shocks, such as unexpected bills or a reduction in income due to changes at work or ill-health, can put a huge strain on your finances and wellbeing, but our grants can help. 

Get clued up

Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep up with money jargon, so let the experts do it for you. Money Saving Expert sends out a great weekly newsletter with a round up of top money tips, including how to reduce household bills, money off coupons and the best rate bank accounts. They’ve also teamed up with the Open University to provide a free Academy of Money course, giving you the vital skills and knowledge you might need to master your finances. 

Don’t forget, if you’re struggling with money or any type of worry, we are here for you. Our friendly team is on hand at the end of the phone to help with practical and emotional support. Get in touch with us on 01293 542820 or email us on

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