Rising star, Kate Samuelson

Every year, through our Print Futures Awards, we give talented young people grants of up to £1500 to go towards their career development. This year we had 44 very deserving winners with promising careers in the print, publishing, paper, packaging and graphic arts sectors.

Kate Samuelson was a winner in the Creating Visual Delights category this year. We spoke to her about her work on CHEAPSKATE, a weekly guide to the best free and almost-free London happenings.

As a journalist and charity worker, Kate wanted to do something that would make London’s cultural riches more available to everyone – even those on a tight budget. So, last year, she started a weekly email newsletter from her bedroom called CHEAPSKATE London. CHEAPSKATE lists the best free events happening in London, from films and plays to talks and exercise classes.

When lockdown started, Kate pivoted the newsletter to focus exclusively on free events for people to take part in from home – events like virtual life drawing, live drag shows and online book festivals. CHEAPSKATE’s subscriber list has grown rapidly as a result and Kate’s been invited to speak about the newsletter on BBC Radio London and has worked on partnerships with organisations like Thrive LDN (the Mayor of London-backed mental health movement).

Thanks to our support through the Print Futures Awards, Kate now has her own lightweight, high-speed laptop which she can use to work on CHEAPSKATE (rather than relying on her work laptop). It’s made a huge difference to her life and to her work growing and improving CHEAPSKATE.

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The 2020 Print Futures Awards are now closed. You can see all of our winners here and find out about the 2021 awards by signing up to our newsletter.

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