The Printing Charity’s Helpline provides Management Support

Learning Management Skills

Many of us will have progressed to management roles but will not have been fortunate enough to receive comprehensive management training to support the development of our people skills.  When managers can understand how best to support and supervise their team, everyone benefits.

The Printing Charity would encourage everyone to consider if you can invest in some management training.  This may be funded by your employer, free to access or if you are aged between 18-30, you could consider applying to the The Printing Charity’s Rising Star Awards.

The Printing Charity’s Management Support Service

Whether you have been officially management trained or not, the helpline can offer people managers a professional management support service, to enable you to seek advice, and deal effectively with a wide range of people problems.

Both counsellors and information and advice specialists answering your call understand the range of highly sensitive issues that can arise within an organisation and its workforce. This, combined with expertise in the dynamics of the business environment, means that the helpline can deliver the level and quality of support that will make a positive difference to managers and their teams.

The service can offer support on many areas that a manager may encounter, including:

  • bullying & harassment
  • grievance
  • sickness absence
  • disciplinary procedures
  • performance issues
  • inter-personal difficulties
  • disruptive behaviour in the workplace
  • long-term sickness and the return to work
  • addictions
  • bereavement
  • culture and diversity issues

The support may be in the form of discussing a specific issue or your general approach to managing a team.  We know that managing employee issues can feel overwhelming, and the helpline offers the opportunity to discuss how to approach a scenario and give you confidence, especially if the problem is unfamiliar or complex.  

Who can use the service?

Anyone can use the Management Support Service, and it is often well suited to organisations that do not have internal or external HR resources.  Advice is always given in line with CIPD direction.

How do I access the service?

If you are already a helpline user, call the usual number and hold for a counsellor.  Explain that you are a people manager seeking management support.

If your organisation has not yet launched the service, contact The Printing Charity and explain that you’d like to be connected to the helpline.  You will be asked some simple questions to validate your connection to the industry, before your call is transferred.